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Deidox Films - a must see (documentaries to serve the church)

I recently came across this Youtube channel and was pleasantly surprised to see a group promoting what the church is doing in the marketplace and society in general, basically outside of the four walls of the church. I reviewed numerous videos on their channel. One of the videos includes a teacher in the Bronx bringing the love of Christ to her students, students who otherwise would likely never experience peace and acceptance. A video that I could relate to well is a police officer in East LA, arguably one of the toughest areas in the US to police. This officer understands that barriers are broken when you genuinely care for others, regardless of preconceived notions of an "us verses them" mentality. There are many other short films that resonated with me and I would argue this is one of the best Christian Youtube channels that I have come across. I am hopeful that this will spark a wave of other Christians using their talents in this area to capture the love of Christ in the community.

I would strongly recommend that you subscribe to their channel to see what great videos will be coming out. I did.

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